At Fairtees, we know that a truly eco-friendly and fair wardrobe of clothes - ideal as it may be -  can be pretty hard to come by. And we don't like to admit it, but our wardrobes, like many areas of our lives, can also harbour compromise! For example, we buy new clothes when we don't necessarily need new clothes, or we grab a product that doesn't really meet our standards, out of convenience. 

Nevertheless, we have the chance to keep on looking forward, by making new choices every day. Over time, these choices can lead us to a more eco-friendly and fair lifestyle and mode of fashion.

That's why Fairtees' have chosen to stock eco-friendly fibres, which are produced and processed in some very high-tech, clean ways. These include organic cotton (certified by GOTS), Lenzing Modal® and Lenzing Tencel®.

Over 50% of the wood, chips & bark used to make Lenzing Modal® and Lenzing Tencel® fibre is sourced from sustainable forestry in Austria, with the remaining wood sourced from sustainable forestry in 11 neighbouring countries - Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, France, Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Switzerland. Production of Lenzing Modal® and Lenzing Tencel® fibres occurs in Austria. 

Here's a short description of the 3 types of eco-friendly fibres which are weaved and spun to form our clothes:



Not only is organic cotton more farmer-friendly, when done well, it can also be a lot more eco-friendly:

  • Hazardous chemicals are banned in certified organic farming, keeping these toxins out of the soil and waterways;
  • Less energy and water can be used with good organic cotton farming methods;
  • More carbon dioxide can be locked into the soil, rather than released into the atmosphere;
  • Organic certification by GOTS covers all stages of production - farm and factory, meaning that hazardous chemicals are also prohibited in fibre processing and garment creations stages and all waste water treated to keep the waterways free from pollutants.



Our Tencel garments aren't made from just any old eucalyptus fibre! No sir.

In fact, Lenzing uses a unique award-winning closed loop system to make Tencel. The solvent used is recycled, and processes the fibre from its sustainable wood beginnings into a soft, luxurious and eco-friendly fibre.



Also from Lenzing, our Modal garments are of quite a high eco-friendly standard.

Using the patented Edelweiss Technology, the processing of the regenerated cellulosic beechwood fibre is a carbon-neutral operation. And the result is a beautifully soft fibre, sleek and comfortable.